How to reset service light or indicator on Renault Sport vehicles

How to reset service light or indicator on Renault Sport

Have you always wanted to reset and get rid of that annoying “Service Due” message on your Renault Sport Clio or Megane? I’ve tried a few times by depressing and holding the button on the indicator lever, but never managed to successfully get rid of the message and spanner light. Today I finally managed to figure it out and thought I’d share. It’s actually very simple.

First make sure to switch on the car, I did not do this originally and on most Renault Sport vehicles this is required. Once the engine is running, use the indicator lever to scroll through the HUD options e.g. Distance, Range, Fuel used etc. Scroll until you reach the “Service Due” screen (you may want to scroll through all the options at least once, on some cars this is necessary). Now depress the top scroll button on the indicator lever while on the “Service Due” screen. Keep this button depressed as the “Service Due” message begins to flash. It will flash a few times as a warning. Once the message finally disappears you can let go of the button.

Viola, you have just reset you Renault or Renault Sport service interval. You should not be doing this yourself if your vehicle is still under some form of motor plan or warranty.

Important: There is no way to undo a service interval reset. If you are unsure whether you should be resetting your service interval, consult with your Renault dealer first.

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By jvw • December 22, 2011 • 6:29 pm


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