Superchips transforms Renault Sport Megane 250

Renault Sport Megane 250

Superchips have managed to churn out an awesome remap for the Renault Sport Megane 250. Taking the vehicle from 275bhp (tested on their rolling road) to 317bhp, incredible! Torque was increased to 405Nm. The Superchips remap comes with a handheld control unit called the Bluefin. The unit saves the cars factory settings which means you can dial in the performance whenever you need it.

Superchips Bluefin

The Megane 250 held up quite well to the extra power, says Superchips. There was some additional front-end movement, but this was easily controllable with small adjustments to the throttle. The increase in speed doesn’t make the Megane a different vehicle, but adds to its existing strengths.

The increase in performance does however come at the expense of some fuel economy. That’s if you choose to keep your Renault Sport Megane in performance mode all the time, which I believe is what every single Megane 250 owner will do.

Well done to the guys at Superchips for a cracking Renault Sport remap. Keep an eye on our online shop as we will be bringing the Bluefin unit for you to South Africa shortly.

By jvw • December 29, 2011 • 8:31 am


  1. Is this unit available yet, if so how much?

  2. Good day to you………
    I drive a renault megane Sport R26 F1 edition and would like a qoute for tuning it,what is the options that you have ?

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