Superchips Bluefin Remap for Clio RS

Superchips has just extended its range of Bluefin ‘plug and go’ ECU remapping handsets to include the Renault Sport Clio 197 and the new Clio 200. The Bluefin is designed to bring your RenaultSport Clio 197 and 200 alive by maximising its acceleration and response. No mechanical or technical skills required. Just simply plug-in and go.

With the Renault Sport Clio Superchips Bluefin you don’t need any mechanical or technical skills, it’s quickly and easily installed from the comfort of your driving seat. Simply plug the bluefin handset into the OBD diagnostic port, the Bluefin then uploads new settings to enhance your Clio’s performance bringing your car alive within minutes.

Bluefin is designed by Superchips Ltd – the UK market leader in remapping your Clio 200 F4r 830 engine’s ECU. You can be confident that Bluefin will dramatically improve your Clio 197 and 200 performance with the reassurance of:

* A seven day refund
* A lifetime guarantee
* An industry leading supplementary warranty
* Comprehensive insurance cover options

We supply Superchips Bluefin units for Clio 197 and Clio 200’s at a significant saving for only R3700.00 including VAT.
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Superchips transforms Renault Sport Megane 250

Renault Sport Megane 250

Superchips have managed to churn out an awesome remap for the Renault Sport Megane 250. Taking the vehicle from 275bhp (tested on their rolling road) to 317bhp, incredible! Torque was increased to 405Nm. The Superchips remap comes with a handheld control unit called the Bluefin. The unit saves the cars factory settings which means you can dial in the performance whenever you need it.

Superchips Bluefin


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How to reset service light or indicator on Renault Sport vehicles

How to reset service light or indicator on Renault Sport

Have you always wanted to reset and get rid of that annoying “Service Due” message on your Renault Sport Clio or Megane? I’ve tried a few times by depressing and holding the button on the indicator lever, but never managed to successfully get rid of the message and spanner light. Today I finally managed to figure it out and thought I’d share. It’s actually very simple.


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